EAASI elects a new President and Vice-president 

EAASI elects a new President and Vice-president 

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) met for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 6th of June 2023. This AGM marked a significant milestone for the association as it embraced a hybrid format, allowing both in-person and online participation.

On this occasion, the meeting was celebrated in Gdansk (Poland), and hosted by OPEGIEKA, one of the Founding Members of EAASI.

The company organized interesting presentations and social events that complemented the agenda of the AGM, including a presentation about Photogrammetry and remote sensing in Poland – academic, NGO’s point of view on commercial sector delivered by Ph.D. Krzysztof Bakuła, President of the Polish Association of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vice-dean in the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at Warsaw University of Technology, and the Director of FIG Congress in Warsaw 2022. Furthermore, Ph.D. Bogusław Kaczałek, currently working for OPEGIEKA, explained the project CENAGIS, which focused on Geospatial High-Performance Computing. Both presentations are available in the EAASI members' area.

Members who were unable to attend in person actively engaged through the online platform.

During the AGM, the annual accounts were approved after being presented by Treasurer Rachel Tidmarsh, ensuring transparency and accountability. The Secretary General’s annual report was delivered highlighting EAASI's significant actions and achievements over the past year. The association has made remarkable progress in advancing the interests and growth of the European aerial surveying industry.

An essential agenda item was the election of the Board members. The candidates expressed their motivations to be part of the Board and after the elections took place. The following individuals have been re-elected:

· Cedric Anciaux (CAE-Aviation)
· Giovanni Banchini (CGR SPA)
· Engelbert Breg (Vexcel)
· André Jadot (EUROSENSE)
· Pedro Llorens (Spasa)
· Simon Musäus (Hexagon)
· Florian Romanowski (OPEGIEKA)
· Rachel Tidmarsh (Bluesky)

A new member was elected:
· Roland Stengele (BSF-Swissphoto)

Roland Stengele's election increases the total number of board members to nine.



Following the AGM, the Board Meeting took place to elect the new Executive Board members for the next period of 2 years. Before that, the Board thanked Simon Musäus, André Jadot, and Rachel Tidmarsh for their exceptional contributions during their tenure. Musäus, as outgoing President, also expressed his thanks to EAASI members for these four years in which the Association has gathered as the most significant players in the European aerial surveying market and has become the only platform for regular contact and knowledge exchange: “We started this journey in 2018 and today I stand in this room and online with the representatives of the most relevant aerial surveying companies in Europe. Each of you stands as a testament to the growth and success of this endeavor”, said.

Florian Romanowski, the newly appointed President of EAASI, brings extensive experience and expertise to his role. With a background in geodesy and cartography, he has been the President of the Polish company OPEGIEKA since 1989, overseeing its commercialization process and spearheading the establishment of the Aerial Department. Florian's commitment to research and development, along with his representation of Poland in the CLGE (the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), showcases his dedication to advancing the surveying profession. As President of EAASI, Florian's visionary leadership and industry knowledge will drive innovation and collaboration within the European aerial surveying industry, ensuring its sustainability and growth. His appointment marks a pivotal moment for EAASI's future success. “Aerial industry is an indispensable element of the European market. We are a community and we have a platform to discuss, to communicate with each other. Even the more difficult points can be discussed, and we can in a peaceful way develop our business. Thirty years ago, as far as the economy was concerned, we were competing one against another. Now, we are talking to each other, we are collaborating and cooperating for the benefit of all of us" said Romanowski.

Roland Stengele has been appointed as the Vice President. With over two decades of being the CEO and shareholder of BSF Swissphoto, he possesses a deep understanding of the industry and its unique challenges. He believes that fostering a new framework of collaboration and competition among members and partners is essential to strengthening EAASI's position in the industry. Roland's expertise and dedication will contribute significantly to the association's growth and success in the coming years.

EAASI's renewed focus under this leadership will ensure the continued growth and advancement of the aerial surveying industry.



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