Rheticus® Network Alert to assist United Utilities of England

   Rheticus® Network Alert to assist United Utilities of England

United Utilities is responsible for water and wastewater services in the North West of England and adopted recently Rheticus® Network Alert system of Planetek Italia because it can help provide a better service to its customers, improve its activities, and prioritise and optimise maintenance spending. Monitoring the infrastructures' stability is an important activity to ensure people's safety, environmental protection, and the safeguarding of assets at all stages of the life cycle of infrastructures, from design to production, management, and maintenance.

Rheticus® Network Alert improves inspection planning and efficiency of water and sewer networks, providing actionable reports of critical pipe segments to prioritise inspection activities and improve inspection efficiency.

The service enables predictive maintenance to prevent structural failures by using ground subsidence as an indicator of the likelihood of failure. The millimetre-scale ground movements are calculated, and quarterly updated, through the satellite's radar data processing.

The service offers an update and complete view of the entire pipeline network through actionable reports and GeoAnalytics. Inspections and maintenance activities are thus scheduled more efficiently and simplified as a whole. This activity led utilities to unlock cost-effective water-supply and sewer network management. Consequently, customers receive a series of benefits, such as:
- Avoid usual inconveniences derived by a network failure (e.g. traffic, road interruptions)
- Bill reduction thanks to the predictive maintenance, which avoid utilities to pay a considerable expense for repairing a failure

By two years from now, United Utilities foresee a spread adoption of the predictive maintenance approach by utilities and, thus, of Rheticus® Network Alert.


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