Actual and expected roles of geomatics within the next generation EU framework: from science to public services

Actual and expected roles of geomatics within the next generation EU framework: from science to public services

The ASITA 2023 virtual conference (Academy) will provide a moment for assessing the latest developments of Survey Sciences that evolved to what is presently known as Geomatics: in particular, theoretical, technical and institutional issues related to instruments and applications are expected to be debated.


Session 1 – Geomatics for Natural Hazards and Risks I (18th December 2023, h 9:00 – 11:00)

Chairs: Paola Zamperlin, Enrico Borgogno Mondino

1. Next Pandemic Preparedness: A Focus on Health Data Standardization and Readiness for Spatial Enablement, (Rocca, Casella)

2. A land monitoring service for local public administrations: the IRIDE EOS4LPA Lot 3 project, (Aiello, Massimi, Taggio, Borrelli, Laurino, Filippi, Decaro, Lo Zito, D’Aranno, Marsella, Quattrociocchi, Brunetti, Casucci)

3. The Italian National Fire and Rescue Service activity in forest fires: the event in Montegrino Valtravaglia, (lorusso, Vazzano)

4. Technological innovation in Emergency Technical Rescue: The deployment of CNVVF UAS to support the Director of Forest Fire Fighting Operations, (lorusso, Feliziani)

5. Measuring land deformation through PSI technique in NE Sardinia (Italy): Roads to Einstein Telescope, (Dessì, Melis)

Session 2 – Geomatics for Natural Hazards and Risks II (18th December 2023, h 11:15 – 13:00)

Chairs: Francesco Pirotti, Antonio Ganga

1. A multi-scale approach to detect geomorphological hazard in a post-fire scenario: A case study in Sardinia (Central Mediterranean), (Murgia, Putzolu, Lovreglio, Ganga)

2. Towards a spatial decision support system for hydrogeological risk mitigation in railway sector, (Varra, Cozzolino, Della Morte, Tartaglia, FIDUCCIA, Agostino, Zammuto)

3. Platform prototype for the prediction of landslide susceptibility through a 4D WebGIS equipped with Cellular Automata and Neural Networks, (Barrile, Cotroneo, Genovese)

4. A Low-Cost Three-Camera Photogrammetric System for Training Students in Physical Simulation od Shallow Landslides, (Eskandari, Perfetti, Scaioni, Gonzalez Ovalle)

Session 3 – Geomatics and Sustainable Development I (20th December 2023, h 9:00 – 11:00)

Chairs: Filiberto Chiabrando, Fabio Giulio Tonolo

1. SINFI – Consorzio dei Comuni della Provincia di Bolzano, technology and methodological approach for the translation and delivery of South Tyrolean data, (Scepi, Coainiz, Berger, Putzer, Gummerer, D’Orio)

2. Sen4MUN: a prototypal service for the distribution of contributions to the European municipalities from Copernicus satellite imagery. A case in Aosta Valley (NW Italy), (Orusa, Cammareri, Freppaz, Vuillermoz, Borgogno-Mondino)

3. The QGIS platform for LABMET Observatory. The experience of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari (MCC), (Fenu, Talu)

4. The Digital Twin of the Metropolitan Area of Milan: quality assessment of aerial and terrestrial data, (Franzini, Casella, Monti)

5. On the Role of Geomatics and Official Regional Cartography in the Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem, (Maset, Visintini, Beinat)

6. Biodiversity-proof Energy Communities in the Urban Planning of Italian Inner Municipalities, (Marra)

Session 4 – Geomatics and Sustainable Development II – (20th December 2023, h 11:15 – 13:00)

Chairs: Andrea Fiduccia, Michele Grimaldi

1. Monitoring and forecasting land cover dynamics using remote sensing and geospatial technology, (Vitale, Salvo)

2. Assessment of the vertical accuracy of satellite-based glacier monitoring. The Rutor Glacier in Italy, (Macelloni, Cina, Giulio Tonolo, Morra di Cella)

3. Comparison between the vegetation indices obtained from Sentinel-2 and Planet: a case study over a rice farm in Northern Italy, (Baldin, Casella)

4. Classification of water in an urban environment by applying OBIA and fuzzy logic to very high-resolution satellite imagery, (Perregrini, Casella)

5. GIS Analysis for urban “anti-fragility” to climate change (Seravalli, Caselli, Lugli, Bologna, Giorgi, Galeotti, Magurno)


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