The team of Transglobal Car Expedition achieved an important milestone

The team of Transglobal Car Expedition achieved an important milestone

At the unprecedented latitude of 82°19’N, the team surpassed the previous cosmic ray detection record held by Polarquest 2018.

The Earth’s geomagnetic field shields us from low-energy cosmic rays, but the intensity of the cosmic rays varies with latitude. The energy threshold of the cosmic rays - or geomagnetic cut-off - decreases with increasing latitude, which means that cosmic rays need to have higher energy to overcome the Earth’s magnetic field when they are near the Equator compared to when they are near the Poles.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The cosmic ray intensity reaches its maximum at latitudes of about 50 - 60° and does not seem to grow anymore with latitude. This indicates that the strength of cosmic rays below a certain given energy is suppressed due to solar effects. The Transglobal Car Expedition team’s detection data from the North Pole will offer valuable insight into solar activity.

We are excited to announce that the countdown to the North Pole has begun! Currently, the team is at 85°28’N. Over the next days, we will be posting about cosmic rays and some background info.

You can monitor the team's progress to the North Pole in real time by visiting the website

Read more on TGCE (Transglobal Car Expedition) here:

È partita la Transglobal Car Expedition per un viaggio senza precedenti circumnavigando la Terra attraverso i poli nord e sud


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