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08 Giugno 2021 17:04

FIG - Summer school and Commission 3 + 8 workshop in Italy

The workshop will take place as part of the XXII edition of the "International Summer School", organized by Comitato Internazionale di Fotogrammetria Architettonica. The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on the world population. The urgent need to improve the habitat to better protect themselves within cities leads governments to focus on policies to protect the environment and the territory. But what are the planning policies to be implemented to overcome this crisis? Read more...
02 Giugno 2021 08:16

Galileo Masters – the EUSPA SatCom Challenge

In one of its challenges in this year’s Galileo Masters, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is tasking all you bright minds with devising with an application that leverages satellite communications along with GNSS positioning and/or Earth observation (EO) to deliver solutions that meet societal needs. The deadline for submissions is 19 July – so you still have time to… Read more...
24 Maggio 2021 07:13

Invitation to Participate in XXIV ISPRS Congress 2021

In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, ISPRS is organizing an extended digital edition of the XXIV Congress from 5-9 July this year, with all the features of an ISPRS congress. This follows on from the great success of the 2020 digital edition of the XXIV Congress, which attracted more than 2,000 registered participants and featured 300-plus presentations.The physical edition of the event has… Read more...
14 Aprile 2021 09:29

 Trimble T100 Tablet Delivers High-Performance Computing in the Field

Sleek, rugged tablet operates seamlessly with optical, GNSS and laser scanning solutions, including the Trimble X7 and Trimble Perspective software. Read more...
14 Aprile 2021 09:18

NEAMTHM18, the first tsunami hazard model for the Northeast Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and connected seas is online

The first hazard model for tsunamis generated by earthquakes in the NEAM area, the resultof a European project coordinated by INGV, has been realized. To quantify the tsunami risk for the Mediterranean coasts, an international team of researchers brought about the first earthquake-generated tsunami hazard model for the whole NEAM area (Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and connected… Read more...
09 Dicembre 2020 09:03

Geomatics and Forests: Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges

Nowadays, geomatic techniques are regularly adopted in the context of forest research. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and photogrammetric techniques, and data processing are used in many different types of analyses. These include forest resource management, forest inventory and mapping, forest phenological characterization, wood biomass and carbon stock estimation, and… Read more...
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