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Dal 1° gennaio 2017 sarà operativa Dedagroup Public Services s.r.l., società che unisce le competenze di Sinergis s.r.l., della divisione PA locale di Dedagroup s.p.a. e del ramo di azienda “Civilia Next” di ASF s.r.l.

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Il Defense digital service (Dds) del Dipartimento della Difesa (Dod) statunitense ha avviato un nuovo sito web,, migliorando la propria strategia sugli open data e per permettere a soggetti esterni di fruirne liberamente.

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Il servizio Rheticus Displacement di Planetek Italia ha ricevuto il premio speciale TIM Telecom Italia per l’innovazione alla 10a edizione del Premio Best Pratices per l'innovazione 2016, organizzato a Salerno l’1 e 2 Dicembre da Confindustria Salerno.

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#hackUniTO for Ageing è l’iniziativa lanciata dall’Università degli Studi di Torino per la valorizzazione della ricerca sull’invecchiamento sano e attivo.

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 GEO Business 2016 stormed its way into the hearts and minds of the geospatial industry

GEO Business is shaping up to be one of the most important shows in the geospatial calendar, with over 2200 visitors from 50 countries in attendance at the event in May...
GEO Business has won the support of an international audience and has cemented its position as the industry’s premier event building on the remarkable success of the previous two years.

Event Director Caroline Hobden explained how GEO Business has stormed its way into the industry event calendar in such a short period of time: “This event is very much being driven by industry. We are out there listening and being guided by the trade associations, societies, exhibitors and visitors and are working tirelessly to develop an event where there is a real sense of ownership within the community. The support we’ve had, and continue to have, has been phenomenal and it’s this level of involvement that has made the 2016 show such a success.”

Cutting Edge Conference – The show kicked off with a keynote address from Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright whose presentation was entitled, ‘Smart cities, BIM, drones, Al, 3D printing, off-site construction. What can the industry expect from the future and how can it prepare to face it?’ A thought provoking start to the session that was followed by a panel debate featuring Ed Parsons from Google, Professor Gianvito Lanzolla from Cass Business School and Gary Gale from What 3 Words who all deliberated on the topic, ‘Emerging technology and applications – how to maximise the societal benefits of what we do’.

Day two welcomed a keynote address from Amanda Clack, President Elect at RICS on ‘Infrastructure Delivery – the State of the Industry’ presenting how the industry can move towards better project performance. Amanda was then joined on stage by Alex Bywaters of Highways England, Peter Vale of Thames Tideway and Jon Kerbey from High Speed2 who all debated ‘How the geospatial sector will embrace the opportunity presented by the UK’s commitment to invest in large infrastructure projects’.

International Exhibition – Moving away from the packed conference to the buzz of the exhibition floor, visitors were engulfed by the high energy that enveloped the hall throughout the show. Everywhere you looked you could see smiling faces, hand shaking and deals being done – proving that this annual meeting place is where you need to be to do business and learn from the most prolific and innovating equipment manufacturers and service providers on the international stage.

Commercial Workshops – Visitors also welcomed the opportunity to attend the free workshop programme offering 85 sessions that centred on hands on product testing, proving a real benefit to visitors with some sessions so packed there was standing room only. The most popular sessions included topics such as Bringing reality into BIM and BIM into reality (Leica Geosystems), Leveraging open data (Landmark Information Group), New technologies for automated modelling and construction validation (Clearedge 3D) and How to create top quality interactive and zoomable web maps (XYZ Maps).

Associated Meetings – The brand new industry led associated meeting programme was a veritable feast of hot topics. The Survey4BIM group announced a Call for Action, arguing that in the near future, BIM will drive not just the digital transformation of the built environment, but also the geospatial industry itself. Day two included a hugely anticipated debate, hosted by The Survey Association entitled, ‘How is the industry tackling stolen equipment?’, featuring a panel of representatives from the police, the insurance industry and equipment manufacturers.

Networking Opportunities – Once again the lively social programme did not disappoint, kicking off on the evening before the show opened with the welcome drinks at a local watering hole. Day one saw a brand new and extremely popular networking event – the GEO Ale Trail and later on that evening, the infamous gala dinner providing a prefect way to network and unwind at the end of a busy day.

Save the date – GEO Business will once again return to the Business Design Centre, London UK from 23-24 May 2017 – we hope you can join us!

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L’immagine satellitare di questa settimana è stata ottenuta da Sentinel-2A il 23 maggio scorso e mostra l’isola di Tongatapu contornata delle sue più piccole isole limitrofe, tutte facenti parte dell’arcipelago del Regno di Tonga, nell’Oceano Pacifico meridionale (guardala/scaricala in alta risoluzione).

La popolazione di Tonga è distribuita su 36 delle complessive 169 isole, ma circa il 70% di essa vive nell’isola principale. La capitale, Nuku’alofa, sorge sulla costa settentrionale dell’isola, lungo la laguna di Fanga’uta. Le mangrovie della laguna costituiscono una importante fonte alimentare per pesci ed uccelli.

L’isola – costruita sul calcare – ha un terreno reso fertile dovuto alla cenere prodotta dai vulcani vicini e si può osservare come gli appezzamenti agricoli coprano gran parte del suo territorio. Le coltivazioni comprendono tuberi quali patate dolci e manioca, come pure noci di cocco, banane e piantagioni di caffè.

A nord dell’isola possiamo notare molte barriere coralline. Sebbene non fosse parte dei suoi originali obiettivi di missione, gli scienziati hanno utilizzato Sentinel-2A per monitorare i coralli e rilevare la loro decolorazione, conseguenza dell’innalzamento della temperatura dell’acqua.

La decolorazione avviene quando le alghe che vivono nei tessuti del corallo – responsabili della cattura dell’energia solare, essenziale per la sopravvivenza del corallo – vengono espulse a causa delle più alte temperature.

Il corallo sbiancato può morire, con effetti conseguenti sull’ecosistema della barriera e – quindi – sulla pesca, sul turismo regionale e sulla protezione della costa.

Il recente fenomeno meteorologico chiamato El Niño ha determinato un incremento della decolorazione dei coralli su scala mondiale e gli scienziati stanno trovando grande utilità nell’impiego delle rilevazioni di Sentinel-2 netta attività di monitoraggio di questo fenomeno su una scala che interessa le barriere nella loro interezza.



The island of Tongatapu and the nearby smaller islands – all part of the Kingdom of Tonga archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean – are pictured in this Sentinel-2A image from 23 May (view/download in Hi-Res).

Tonga’s population is spread across 36 of Tonga’s 169 islands, but about 70% live on this main island. The capital, Nuku?alofa, sits on the island’s north coast and along the Fanga’uta Lagoon. The lagoon’s mangroves provide an important breeding ground for fish and birds.

Built on limestone, the island has fertile soil of volcanic ash from neighbouring volcanoes, and we can see how agricultural structures cover most of the island. Crops include root crops such as sweet potato and cassava, as well as coconuts, bananas and coffee beans.

North of the island we can see many coral reefs. Although not part of its original mission objectives, scientists are experimenting with Sentinel-2 to monitor corals and detect coral bleaching – a consequence of higher water temperatures.

Bleaching happens when algae living in the corals’ tissues, which capture the Sun’s energy and are essential to coral survival, are expelled owing to the higher temperature.

The whitening coral may die, with subsequent effects on the reef ecosystem, and thus fisheries, regional tourism and coastal protection.

The recent El Niño weather phenomenon has caused increased bleaching across the world’s corals, and scientists are finding Sentinel-2’s coverage helpful in monitoring this at reef-wide scales.

(Fonte: ESA - Image of the week: "Tonga". Traduzione: Gianluca Pititto)

Ora il georadar distingue i cavi in tensione LineTrac è il nuovo rilevatore EM di GSSI integrato al georadar che perfeziona la mappatura dei sottoservizi permettendo di individuarne la tipologia. Preciso e semplice da usare, LineTrac è dotato di un sensore magnetico a tre assi 50/60 Hz che rileva cavi metallici in tensione e non.

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PTV GROUP sarà sponsor dell'Osservatorio Contract Logistics, una struttura per studiare l'evoluzione del mercato della Contract Logistics in Italia, analizzando ambiti di attività, relativi player e tecnologie utilizzate. Il progetto nasce nel solco della ormai consolidata esperienza degli Osservatori ICT & Management della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano.
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E' stata presentata al Forum M2M da Macnil Gruppo Zucchetti la prima App gratuita “universale” che connette le smart cities e informa su traffico, localizzazione bus in tempo reale, parcheggi disponibili, siti turistici, bike sharing, centri di raccolta differenziata e RAEE, comunicazioni di pubblica utilità e protezione civile, e molto altro.

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Trimble Italia
Trimble Italia

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