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20-21 giugno 2022 Tabriz (Iran Online) - 4th Intercontinental Geoinformation Days

The conference will provide extensive didactic and collaborative opportunities for geomatics specialists as well as other scientists and professionals who study in the geospatial domain.

The 2-days-long conference offers online technical sessions and workshops. The technical program will consist of dozens of presentations within the fields of surveying, remote sensing, photogrammetry, land administration, cartography, GIS and geodesy, including best practice and new research.

As the novel corona virus outbreak shutters businesses and disrupts everyday life for billions around the globe, massive annual conferences and small society meetings alike have moved online. The new format poses numerous technical and organizational challenges, but it also offers opportunities—for reaching wider audiences, reducing the carbon footprint of meeting travel, and improving diversity and equity.

This format was very successful at the first and second IGD conferences in November 2020 and May 2021. More than 65 papers from 20 countries were presented at the last event. It was not only a question of numbers that made the conference so successful, but also the general enthusiasm that was constantly presented during the two days as well as the engagement the presenters showed.

The objective of Intercontinental Geoinformation Days (IGD) is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government, to investigate, discuss, examine and advance the principles, the state of the art, and the solutions addressing critical challenges in Geoinformation science.

IGD 2022 – 4 is organized jointly by University of Tabriz and Mersin University Geomatics Engineering Department. Technical sessions with cooperation of University of Tabriz, Remote sensing and GIS Department will be broadcasted by the organizing committee thanks to the sponsors’ support. Registered attendees for IGD 2022 – 4 will be invited to join the online meeting Joining an online meeting will let you watch talks and interact with speakers. All sessions will also be broadcasted to the general public (and anyone who did not pre-register for IGD 2022 – 4) to watch. Each session will have its own broadcasting link.

We will be happy to welcome scientists at the fourth Intercontinental Geoinformation Days which is scheduled to be organized June 20-21, 2022. University of Tabriz

Prof. Dr. Khalil Valizadeh Kamran


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Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
2D-3D-4D GIS

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Ontology, Semantics and Spatial Data Analysis

Citizen Science

Crowdsourced Cloud Mapping

The Free, Open, Collaborative Geospatial Data

Spatial Data Mining

Mobile Mapping and Location-based Services

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial Data Science

Pandemic Tracking

Spatial Applications for Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture

Geospatial Big Data and Internet of Things

Building Information Modelling

Data integration & interoperability for public service provision


Surveying and Geodesy
Standards, Quality Assurance and Calibration

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Geodetic Reference Frames

Satellite Gravimetry

Earth Rotation, Geophysical Fluids and Geodynamics


Deformation Modelling

Engineering Surveying

Industrial Measurements

Hydrographic Surveying

Landslides Monitoring

UAVs for Surveying

Other Positioning Applications

Smart Cities
Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial Data Science

Pandemic Tracking

Geospatial Big Data and Internet of Things

5G & WIFI6 (6G), VR/AR & Digital Twins

Smart Mobility



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