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Esperto in immagini iperspettrali in AVT Airborne Sensing Italia

La nuova società AVT Airborne Sensing Italia srl, con sede a Trento, ricerca un esperto in immagini iperspettrali.

La società di nuova costituzione è la succursale italiana della tedesca AVT-Airborne Sensing GmbH e offre rilievi aerofotogrammetrici con aerei e camere proprie.

Ha deciso di investire in Italia per rafforzare la propria posizione nel mercato sud-europeo e per iniziare il business nel campo dell’iperspettrale, in collaborazione con enti di ricerca e università locali.

Di seguito la Call originale:

Hyperspectral image specialist

We offer a permanent part-time or full-time position as hyperspectral image specialist at AVT Airborne Sensing Italia in Trento (Italy).
You will be working with images acquired by hyperspectral cameras like Specim or HySpex series mounted on airplanes and assist in marketing, project management, and customer support in Europe.

Job responsibilities:

  • -  Multi- and hyperspectral aerial image analysis;

  • -  Multi- and hyperspectral image classification for environmental applications (i.e.

    vegetation mapping, species identification, mapping of pollutant, etc.);

  • -  Multi-temporal change analysis;

  • -  Conducting tests in collaboration with universities and research centers;

  • -  Evaluating customer needs and develop image processing workflows to generate

    customized products;

  • -  Support for marketing and sales: preparation of demo data, presentations, technical


    Job requirements:

  • -  A Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in Remote Sensing, Geography, Earth Sciences or related field;

  • -  Experience with airborne or satellite image classification with deep learning tools;

  • -  Knowledge of commercial or open-source software solutions for multi- and

    hyperspectral image analysis;

  • -  Familiarity with spatial image processing and GIS algorithms;

  • -  Candidates with additional experience in LiDAR / image data fusion are preferred;

  • -  Interest in Environmental Sciences, Photogrammetry and Cartography;

  • -  Language skills: English (fluent speaking and writing), German (basic).

    Personal skills:

  • -  Ability to work both independently and in international teams;

  • -  Ability to interact with industries, public administrations and scientific communities;

  • -  Flexibility to visit customers and attend exhibitions and other business events;

  • -  Well-structured and capable of meeting deadlines.

    We offer flexible working hours and provide training depending on the experience. Young candidates (< 35 years old) are welcome.
    The starting date is from February 2021.
    Interested applicants are invited to send in their CV/resume to AVT Airborne Sensing Italia (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.).

    Trento, 1st January, 2021.

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