19 - 23 luglio 2021 Firenze - 30th International Cartographic Conference


The ICC 2021 Florence will be organized in line with the tradition of ICA Conferences, and particularly it will include:

- Opening and Closing Ceremonies
- Plenary sessions with cutting edge keynote speakers
- A Scientific Programme, with presentations and posters selected after a revision process by a Scientific Committee and a selection of papers for publication
- Event and pre-event meetings of Commissions and Working Groups

- Exhibitions:

- International Cartographic Exhibition;

- Children’s Map Exhibition;
- Local Map;

- Exhibition;

- Technical Exhibition - Social Programmes

- for delegates;
- for accompanying persons.

1. Programme and Conference Presentation

ICC 2021 in Florence will represent the opportunity for reflecting on the state of the art of Cartography and related disciplines, considering the international context as well as the Italian peculiarities in the field.
As in the other ICA conferences, this will be possible thanks to the presence of oral and poster presentations of papers. ICA Executive Committee, Chairs of Commissions and Workshops will be involved in realizing the final programme and reviewing the papers submitted. These will be also reviewed by referees chosen from researchers and scholars expert in the field of Cartography and related disciplines. Posters, abstracts and full papers will represent the way in which the cartographic contents and experiences will be made available to the public.

Scientific Programme and themes

We have selected a set of main themes to characterize ICC 2021 Florence under the main idea of “Cartography: planning our future from lessons from the past” that recalls the aspects in which Italy can be considered renown in the field.

  • -  Cartography in and over the Web 2.0

  • -  Cartography as decision support tools and to foster sustainability

  • -  The quality of spatial data

  • -  Cartography and Geographic Information Systems

  • -  Cartography and Remote Sensing

  • -  Unconventional Cartography: networks, news, media, art and participation

  • -  Historical Cartography and History of Cartography

  • -  Cartography and Cultural Heritage

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