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Advanced Webinar: SAR for Disasters and Hydrological Applications

Advanced Webinar: SAR for Disasters and Hydrological Applications


This training builds on the skills taught from previous ARSET SAR trainings in terms of the use of Google Earth Engine for flood mapping of radar data. This training presents two new topics; the use of InSAR for characterizing landslides and the generation of a digital elevation model (DEM).

Part One: SAR for Flood Mapping Using Google Earth Engine

This session will focus on the use of Google Earth Engine (GEE) to generate a flood map utilizing SAR images from Sentinel-1. The first part of this session will cover basic principles of radar remote sensing related to flooding. The remaining time in the session will be dedicated to a demonstration on how to use GEE to generate flood extent products with Sentinel-1 and how to integrate socioeconomic data into the flood map to identify areas at risk.

 Part Two: Interferometric SAR for Landslide Observations

Featuring guest speaker Dr. Eric Fielding from JPL, this session is focused on landslide observations utilizing and building on InSAR skills from the previous three SAR webinar series. The first part of the session will cover the physics of InSAR as related to landslides. The remainder will be focused on how to generate and interpret the derived landslide product.

Part Three: Generating a Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Featuring a guest speaker from Argentina’s CONAE, participants will learn how to generate a digital elevation model (DEM) through InSAR techniques. The first part of the session will cover the physics behind using two SAR phase images to generate a DEM. The remainder of the time will focus on how to generate a DEM.


Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Create a flood map using Google Earth Engine
  • Generate a map characterizing areas where landslides have occurred
  • Generate a digital elevation model (DEM)
Course Format: 
  • This webinar series will consist of three, two-hour parts
  • Each part will include a presentation on the theory of the topic followed by a demonstration and exercise for attendees. 
  • This training is also available in Spanish. Please visit the Spanish page for more information.
  • A certificate of completion will also be available to participants who attend all sessions and complete the homework assignment, which will be based on the webinar sessions. Note: certificates of completion only indicate the attendee participated in all aspects of the training, they do not imply proficiency on the subject matter, nor should they be seen as a professional certification.

Prerequisites are not required for this training, but attendees that do not complete them may not be adequately prepared for the pace of the training. 

Software Instructions: You can follow along with the demonstrations by using the software listed below. Recordings of each Part will be made available on YouTube within 24 hours after each demonstration for you to go through at your own pace. 

Part One: SAR for Flood Mapping

Part Two: Interferometric SAR for Landslide Observations

Part Three: Generating a Digital Elevation Model (DEM)


The target audience for this training are local, regional, state, federal, and international organizations interested in using SAR for disaster or hydrological applications.

Registration Information: 

This training is offered in both English and Spanish. Information for the Spanish training can be found here.

Registration, 10:00-12:00 EST (UTC-5) »

Date Range: 
December 3, 2019.  December 4, 2019.  December 5, 2019
10:00-12:00 EST (UTC-5)
Registration Closes: 
Thursday, December 5, 2019


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