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23 – 24 Gennaio 2018 Praga (Repubblica Ceca) Prague INSPIRE Hack 2018

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Today’s society relies on an easy, reliable and quick access to environmental information in order to manage challenges such as sustainable development, urbanization, climate change, and disaster risk. This information is provided by various organisations and initiatives.


Both the public and private sectors thus produce and publish data and information covering the needs within areas such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, environmental protection, landscape planning and natural risks and hazards management. People engaged in local community activities are able to capture local knowledge with the use of multimedia such as videos, photos and different kinds of sensor data. The collected information can contribute to tackle environmental and societal challenges in food production, forestry, fishery, risk management, air, soil and water pollution and contamination, landscape management, education and commercialisation.

Needless to say, data and information varies in quality, have different formats, granularity, time resolution and so on. With the advent of satellite technology, web, and mobile technology, we are producing vast amount of data often described as big data.

Volunteered geographic information (VGI)  is the harnessing of tools to create, assemble, and disseminate geographic data provided voluntarily by individuals. Recent developments in the sensor domain have led to a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, using sensors based on low cost hardware, as well as an increasing availability of Bluetooth connected sensors that can be easily connected to a smartphone and together with existing smartphone sensors provide a large amount of spatio-temporal sensor data. Citizen observatories are community-based environmental monitoring and information systems. They build on innovative and novel Earth observation applications embedded in portable or mobile personal devices.  This means that citizens can help and be engaged in observing our environment. Young generation representing smartphone users is one of the enablers of new geographic information based applications. Spatial information helps young generations to learn about relations to and with the environment, history and culture in different regions.

Online sharing of spatial information goes beyond the linguistic barriers, which are one of the most important constraints for the communication between different regions. The open data movement covers many issues of using existing data sets without any limits or restrictions. Open data activities mean open-source, open-content and open-access. Open data sets are often provided by governmental bodies, but also by scientists or international organisations and bodies (e.g. European Commission, World Bank, Copernicus, Group of Earth Observations).


The main objective of the Prague INSPIRE Hack is to create a meeting place for professionals, regional and national project team members including students, start-ups, freelancers, current and future users and investors to move scientific results into practice. The focus will be on Big Open Data:

  • Earth Observation
  • Sensors data
  • VGI data
  • GNSS technologies
  • Linked Open Data

applied in the agriculture and rural development sectors. The first phase of the Prague INSPIRE Hack starts with creating teams connecting different types of stakeholders. You are invited to create your own team with people you know or people you’ve worked with before. Or, you can explore the existing ideas and teams that have been already created and you can simply join them. In any case, you need to register in order to gain access to the shared space where team building and design of ideas is happening. The team building will start already before Prague INSPIRE Hack using online and offline communication tools


For participation, please register at



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  • Rilievi laser scanner in superficie e sotterraneo

    Rilievi topografici in superficie e sotterraneo in Via Lugnano in Teverina - Via Nocera Umbra - Municipio Roma VII, eseguiti per Roma Capitale U.O. Opere idrauliche e dissesto idrogeologico.

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