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Summer School in Sentinel for Water Resources - AIT

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The Italian Association of Remote Sensing (AIT), jointly with the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), in cooperation with Copernicus/Sentinel of the European Space Agency (ESA) and European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL), organizes a 5-days summer school on:


AIT actively participates at the EARSeL activities and CNR-IREA is Member since its foundation in 1977. AIT is the promoter of the European Journal of Remote Sensing (EuJRS).
TOPICS: Copernicus, ESA Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 3 missions with focus on Water Resources, water quality measurements and analysis, and operational applications. The topics will include: emergency mapping (flood event case study), water quality and fieldworks, ocean color radiometry, biogeochemical modeling, hydrological cycle and related parameters.
VENUE: At CNR-IREA Stazione Sperimentale, Experimental Station Eugenio Zilioli, Sirmione (BS), Italy.
DATE & TIME: from September 18th to September 22nd, 2017. Lessons start at 12:30 AM on Monday September 18th and end at 01:30 PM on Friday September 22nd.
SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION: AIT in cooperation with CNR IREA, Copernicus/Sentinel of ESA and EARSeL.
OBJECTIVES: AIT, jointly with CNR-IREA, Copernicus/Sentinel of ESA and EARSeL organizes a Summer School on Earth System Monitoring to promote the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data across disciplines, with a specific focus on their assimilation into Water Resources.
• The School includes lectures covering an overview of the recent ESA Sentinel mission, Earth System Modelling, Data Assimilation, as well as hands-on data processing exercises.
• The one-week course aims to provide students with an integrated end-to-end perspective ranging from measurement techniques to operational applications.
• A boat excursion in southern part of Lake Garda will be organized with the goal to collect field data through ad-hoc instrumentation: water sampler and radiometric measurements. Sample collection will be carried out on Thursday 21st (weather permitting) exploiting the simultaneous scheduled acquisition of Sentinel-2 of Lake Garda A scientific visit to the Sun photometer station of the AERONET network - Catullo Grotte site - is also planned.
PARTICIPANTS: The school is open to early career scientists, such as Ph.D. students, young post-doctoral scientists, specialized in Earth Science disciplines and wishing to expand and improve their knowledge
and skills for water applications. Participation is limited to a maximum of 15 students, therefore a selection based on CVs and motivation letters will be carried out.
FEES: The cost to be entirely paid to AIT one month before the Summer School start is 750 Euro. The fees include attendance to the lectures and laboratories (including the boat excursion), accommodation and luncheons cost. Travel costs are not included. (Financial support is not available).
LAPTOP: each student has to use the own device with adequate capacity for image processing. We recommend having the SNAP tool already installed; a license of ENVI (Harris Geospatial Solutions) will be made available for all students attending the Summer School. Satellite images, instrumentations (e.g. spectroradiometers) for the field excursion are provided by CNR-IREA.
DEADLINE: April 30th, 2017.
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AIT c/o ITHACA/Politecnico di Torino Castelfidardo 30/a 10138 Torino, Italy Tel: +39 011 19751851


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