6-11 maggio 2018, Istanbul (Turkey) FIG Congress

Welcome by DR. ORHAN ERCAN, 
FIG2018 Co-Congress Director

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Turkish Chamber of Survey and Cadaster Engineers (CSCE) is proudly honored to host the XXVI FIG International Congress & General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey, which will be held between 06 and 11 May 2018. We are certain that Istanbul will exceed in meeting all requirements and expectations for a memorable and successful Congress. As known, this geographical area has not hosted any FIG Congress & General Assembly before.

The CSCE has been an active member of the FIG since 1969. The CSCE will now host the 2018 FIG Congress & General Assembly in order to provide a platform where countries and organizations can share their professional experiences, recently implemented projects, applied methods and to-date technologies. For raising a globe-wide awareness, disseminating information and promoting modern developments, the event will comprise organization of technical excursions and leisure trips for diversification purposes, as well.

Istanbul is one of the most impressive and attractive cities at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where unique beauties of the West and the East come together. In this city, people from various religions and cultures co-exist in peace and harmony. It is an open air museum adorned with mosques, churches and synagogues along with palaces and ancient monuments. Besides, Istanbul is an ideal business and congress center associated with advanced tourism and gastronomy activities where infrastructure and transportation facilities effectively serve for conference, exhibition and social events. People living in Istanbul will be very happy to show you the well-known Turkish hospitality. So, we strongly believe that Istanbul will provide a world class venue for the delegates to undergo a cultural, technical, professional and personal experience with a balanced activities program that will ensure the FIG2018 Congress & General Assembly be a very successful event.

During FIG2018 Congress; scientists, experts, researchers, public and private sector representatives active in the field of surveying will come together and share their knowledge, thoughts and projects. Within the scope of FIG2018; along with keynote speakers, oral presentations, private workshops and a special “Young Surveyors” session will be held with participation of FIG members. In addition Mid-Asian Turkish-speaking countries workshop on “Property Ownership” will be held as a part of the Congress. Also an exhibition by the public and private sector institutions will be open for all participants throughout the Congress. In addition to the technical program, participants will find opportunities to closely experience Istanbul’s and Turkey’s extraordinary social and cultural heritage and values by joining social activities for unforgettable moments.

Once more, we thank all delegates of the FIG for their votes which availed us the opportunity to organize host this important event and host esteemed delegates. We look forward to seeing you all in Istanbul, the splendid city of Turkey, in May 2018.

Dr. Orhan ERCAN
FIG2018 Co-Congress Director


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